Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When It Comes to T-Ridge, Too Much Is Never Enough!

The offshore drilling saga that is Tranquillon Ridge simply refuses to die. The project, which was killed by the State Lands Commission in January, could have new life, thanks to John Garamendi's election to Congress.

The erstwhile Lieutenant Governor and ardent foe of offshore drilling, cast the deciding "no" vote on the commission, but he's gone now, and it is largely expected that Arnold will appoing a new Lt. Gov who is pro-drilling, thus swaying a potential vote in PXP's favor.

The Ventura County Star has all the details, but the net-net is that PXP can re-submit an application for T-Ridge and it won't even have to do a new EIR because the last one is still fresh. Things could proceed very quickly.

Pedro Nava, perhaps the most outspoken foe of drilling in general and T-Ridge in particular, has vowed to fight the nomination of whomever Arnold names, in an effort to stall the process until Arnold gets out of office.

For more on the scenario, check out the Star's write-up: