Monday, November 09, 2009

Speaking Up for Nuclear

Westinghouse Electric CEO Aris Candris published an oped in today's Wall Street Journal that, in making the case for more nuclear power, seeks to address every possible anti-nuclear argument. It also wraps itself in the political mantle of Barack Obama and embraces the political catch-phrase du jour-- job creation.

Dr. Candris (whose company builds nuclear power plants) sees an economic windfall for Westinghouse and he is putting on the full court press.

The line of argument basically goes like this:

- Electricity deman is projected to grow 21% by 2030;

- There is a national mandate to use more renewables;

- Barack likes nuclear and Barbara Boxer's and John Kerry's Senate bill provides federal loan guarantees to fund new nuclear plants;

- Nuclear means new jobs in engineering and design, and lots more in construtction;

- The French have figured out how to recycle spent nuclear fuel rods.

Conclusion: "What's the problem?"

Here's the link to the oped: