Thursday, November 05, 2009

Watching TV Is Still Ok

There is a great scene in the neo-fraternity classic movie Old School, where the sycophantic assistant to the college Dean informs his boss that efforts to kick a rowdy fraternity off campus have been derailed because, "The thing is sir, they are very good at paperwork."

The same could be said of the Consumer Electronics Association which managed to postpone the CEC's vote on new regulations governing the kind of TV's Californians can watch in their homes.

The CEA availed itself of its right to use darn near every second of the 45 day public comment period for the regulations and submitted a 91 page brief to the CEC just five minutes before the period closed at 5 pm yesterday. The result? No vote, while the CEC sifts through the submission.

Additionally, 26 other comments were received yesterday by the CEC which could further slow the process.