Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Other Side Weighs In On The TV Saga

Last week we noted the absurdity of CARB's proposed regulation that would require metallic window glazing on cars (glazing that would impair GPS, cell phone, and other devices). Today we revisit the CEC's absurd proposed regualtion to ban some flat panel TV's in California.

Gary Shapiro is the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, which means he is a paid flack for the people who make and sell the TV's CEC wants to ban. We mention that for transparency. It's no secret where Shapiro's allegiance lies. That said, his oped in the San Francisco Chronicle makes a lot of very good points that-- regardless of the messenger-- need to be stated:

- The average flat panel tv uses less energy than two 75 watt lightbulbs.

- The proposed regulation, according to one study, will cost California $47 million in lost tax revenue and 4,000 jobs.

- The 700 models that would be banned for sale in California, can still be purchased on the Internet from out of state suppliers, which means people will just buy them online rather than in a local store, thus sending the money out of state.

- According to a Zogby poll, the majority of Californians are against the measure, and the majority of Californians believe government has no business picking someone's TV for them.

Read the entire oped at: TV energy regulations will harm innovation [San Francisco Chronicle]