Monday, May 18, 2009

Verbal Jousting.

I'm scurrying about this morning but wanted to call your attention to an interesting Q&A between the Sacramento Bee and flacks for the proposed massive transmission line project in northern California.

If you remember the old Isuzu motors pitchman, Joe Isuzu-- a slippery character who you knew was not giving you the straight story-- this reads kind of like one of his commercials. In an exercise that surely put the public relations staff to the test, project backers seek to deflect a series of basic questions such as:

Why not put the wires underground? (Too hot...)

  • Why not install rooftop solar throughout the regions to be served instead of a massive transmission line? (solar is inadequate...)

  • Is consumer demand sufficient to warrant the new lines? (Technically, demand is flattening but it won't be like that forever...)
Fun reading...