Friday, May 15, 2009

Take That Henry Waxman! Hoosier Daddy?!

This morning we turn our attention to the Heartland where Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels EVISCERATES cap & trade in general, and the Waxman bill in particular. Stating that he is "not a candidate for any office -- now or ever again," Daniels pens a blistering oped in the Wall Street Journal assailing the basic assumptions and predicted effects of cap & trade.

Some highlights:

Calling the plan "imperialism," Daniels states: "This bill would impose enormous taxes and restrictions on free commerce by wealthy but faltering powers -- California, Massachusetts and New York -- seeking to exploit politically weaker colonies in order to prop up their own decaying economies. Because proceeds from their new taxes, levied mostly on us, will be spent on their social programs while negatively impacting our economy, we Hoosiers decline to submit meekly."


"No honest estimate pretends to suggest that a U.S. cap-and-trade regime will move the world's thermometer by so much as a tenth of a degree a half century from now. My fellow citizens are being ordered to accept impoverishment for a policy that won't save a single polar bear."

Still more:

"Already we observe the piranha swarm of green lobbyists wangling special exemptions, subsidies and side deals."

And that's just a taste of the Governor's objections... he also predicts that legislation before Congress would double Indiana electric bills and cause Indiana factories to post signs reading "Closed, Gone to China" on their front doors.

Daniels then offers his own thoughts about alternative energy, touting Indiana's amped up production of biofuels; its year over year growth in wind energy; and its commitment to clean coal.

Did I mention Daniels is a Republican?