Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addition and Subtraction

A couple of quick items today and then back to work:

Pacific Ethanol is on life support and likely to go BK at any time if (once) it can't restructure its debt and raide cash.

Fresno has welcomed another gas-fired peaker plant into the neighborhood as the 116 Midway Power Plant near Mendota came on line this month. The Fresno Bee reports that it is one of three such plants in a cluster:

"Already up and running area pair of adjacent power plants, both operating since 2001. One, also owned by Starwood Energy, is the 49-megawatt Panoche plant, originally owned by CalPeak Power LLC but purchased along with several other CalPeak plants by Starwood in 2006. The second is the 49-megawatt Wellhead Power Plant."