Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams... and Solar."

Here's one from the Cal-Energy Travel & Liesure Section! is reporting that the toney Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur has gone solar in a big way-- like a 990 panel solar array. Supposedly, this is the largest hotel solar project in California.

The move makes the hotel virtually self-sufficient and allows it to sell excess power back into the grid.

The write-up also notes that:

"In addition to the solar array, the ranch boasts numerous other green initiatives including green roofs, gray water systems and organic bedding, and throughout its 17 year history, the hotel has consistently aimed to improve its local environment . On the surrounding 100 acres, for instance, the hotel maintains several conservation areas to help protect native wildlife such as the Smith's blue butterfly and the California red legged frog; and on site gardens provide herbs, vegetables and fruit for the hotel's organic restaurant."

Maybe now that the electric bill is set to come down, rooms won't go for $2,000 a night? Doubt it.