Monday, December 22, 2008

Inside the Beltway Pundits Still Fixated on California

The notion of California as the template for Barack Obama's energy plans continues to gain credibility. Today, Politico, the once upstart pundit sheet that seems well on its way to surpassing Roll Call and The Hill as the "must-read rag" in Washington, D.C., has a detailed breakdown of the California model.

Erika Lovely frames her piece with this BHO quote:

"“It is very important just to look at the history when it comes to the regulation of emissions in California,” Obama said when he announced the appointments. “Consistently, California has hit the bar and then the rest of the country has followed.”

For anyone mucking about on this humble little blog, there's not much new in the piece, but it is noteworthy in the sense that it continues to push California front and center-- for better or worse- in the debate in Washington.