Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cashing In on CARB's New Regs

Greentech media does a little digging to see who the real winners are going to be in CARB's decision to regulate diesel truck emissions. It's not clear if the piece is a celebration of environmentally friendly innovative companies or a thinly veiled conspiracy allegation, but the list of commercial interests identified in the article run the gamut from biodiesel companies to companies that manufacture heavy duty truck batteries capable of powering a rig's air conditioning system throughout the night.

GTM quotes CARB as saying, "Heavy-duty big rigs are the largest remaining source of unregulated diesel emissions, responsible for 32 percent of the smog-forming emissions and nearly 40 percent of the cancer-causing emissions from diesel mobile sources"

The cost of complying with the new regs is expected to be about $5 billion and the compliance is madatory by 2014.