Thursday, December 11, 2008

As California Goes...

Eric Johnson's Wall Street Journal blog entry says it all, with no elaboration required, other than to note that it omits mention of the appointment of Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley to be head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality:

What does the Obama administration’s proposed energy and environment troika mean for U.S. policy? Look west—all the way to California.

President-elect Obama’s prospective choice of Steven Chu to head the Department of Energy, Carol Browner to coordinate White House energy policy, and Lisa Jackson to run the EPA spells a strong commitment to use the Environmental Protection Agency to push ambitious changes in the country’s energy and environmental mix.

In other words, a sharp about-face from the current role of the EPA in which California will likely become the example—rather than the exception—for U.S. environmental policies.

Her's the whole post:

Team Obama: U.S. Energy Policy to Ape California? [Environmental Capital (Wall Street Journal)]