Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teaching Grid-Neutral

California's State & Consumer Services Agency (SCSA) announced the release of Grid Neutral: Electrical Independence for California Schools and Community Colleges, a step-by-step guide to help California schools and community colleges cut energy costs through on-site electricity generation.

According to the official release:

"The guidebook walks school officials through the steps to creating a school that will balance its use of electricity with energy that is produced on the school campus. Schools are advised on the use of solar panels that convert sunlight to electricity, solar-thermal, where sunlight becomes heat for heating water; geo thermal installations that pump ground heat for heating water and air, and wind power. "

A big part of the guidebook deals with getting projects financed, which can often be the hardest part of "going green" and getting off the grid. The release optimistically states that there also is a lot of Prop 1D money laying around from the 2006 school construction bond issue.