Thursday, December 04, 2008

Introducing the "Prius" Power Plant

Hybrid technology works for automobiles, why not for fossile fuel power plants?

FPL is building what will be the second largest solar power plant in the world and the biggest outside of California. The facility, which comes online in 2010, uses solar and nattural gas and, according to, works like this:

180,000 soalr collectors with mirrored surfaces will be spread over 500 acres; he mirrors reflect the sun onto receivers to heat liquid creating steam that in turn produces electricity whenever the sun is shining. When the sun isn't shining, the facility runs on natural gas.

FPL says the plant will do 155,000 MW a year.

FPL has begun to distinguish itself as one of the major utilities seriously committed to alternative energy. In addition to its 310 MW solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert, the company also has 58 wind power facilities in sixteen states, generating 5800 MW per year.