Monday, November 23, 2009

Pack Up The Moving Van

This is perhaps more a general economic commentary than an energy commentary, but because it involves a wind-energy start-up, I figure it's fair game for this space.

Windstream Technologies, Inc., is based in Manhattan Beach, just south of Los Angeles. The company makes small wind turbines called "turbomills," designed for use in urban settings. At first glance, Windstream appears to be just another of the many entrepreneurial start-ups seeking to take advantage of California's commitment to alternative energy.

Then this: Windstream put out a press release today announcing that the company is moving, lock, stock, and barrel, to Indiana, where it will site its development and production factility, create 260 local jobs, and "invest millions."

Most troubling is this quote from company founder Dan Bates: "It was clear from our first discussions that Indiana is looking to become a leader in the green economy and WindStream is proud to be part of that positive effort..."

The implication is that California is NOT trying to become a leader in the green economy.

Indidana offered tax credits, training grants, and facility improvements.

We have no way of knowing what, if anything, California offered because the company doesn't say, but you have to believe that the company wouldn't leave the beach in Southern California for rural southeast Indiana if the offer had been even close.

Is California committed to a green energy economy or just to green energy?

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