Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Green as Green Can Be

In Folsom, SMUD has unveiled what is being called one of the greenest houses in America. The house, which received Platinum LEED certification, was subsidized by SMUD and built by a local builder.

In addition to all of the standard renewable bells and whistles like solar arrays, the Sacramento Bee is reporting: "Inside the home are recycled glass countertops and oak cabinets from sustainable forests. Thicker support beams allow less wood and more space for the newest style of insulation, the spray-in or blow-in cellulose and foams that better keep out heat and cold."

It is estimated that monthly energy bills for the 1,940 square foot craftsman house will be around $24, compared to $140 for a similar house built to current new home standards. A buyer is under contract for $625,000.

Conspicuously absent from the article is the cost of actually building this house. You have to wonder how cost efficient and commercially viable similar undertakings would actually be.