Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out To-morrow! To-morrow!

While Arnold was mugging for the cameras and lobbying to become Interior Secretary in an Obama adminstration at a Sunnyvale high tech event (actually at the dedication of a new solar array in a parking lot before a high tech event), the Los Angeles Times was reporting that Southern California Edison has shut off power to over a quarter million-- 10% more than last year-- delinqent residential accounts.

Have no fear, the Governor says, solar is here. According to the Mercury News:

"We all know we're going through tough economic times right now, but that's no reason to slow down when it comes to protecting our environment and investing in clean, green technologies," Schwarzenegger said. Clean-technology businesses are getting venture capital dollars and hiring new employees at a time when nearly every other segment of the economy is lagging, he said."

That sounds a little bit rosy, and a lot like a tough sell.