Friday, October 03, 2008

California Dreaming

SDG&E is beating back lawsuits over the last couple of wildfires while simultaneously facing the unfortunate reality that it will almost certainly have to face more wildfires in the future. What's a utility to do?

In an earth-shattering policy shift, SDG&E has said that it will now simply shut off power to fire prone areas when high-risk conditions-- like Santa Ana winds--arise. You can almost hear the company sighing heavily and saying "Screw it. Cut the power. We can't win."

This is just one more stop on California's express ride to third world status. The roads are crumbling, the schools are underperforming, we're overdue for a catostrophic earthquake, and this morning we woke up to find out that we will be broke in a month because nobody will loan the state $7 billion. Good times.

You can read all about SDGE's plan in the Union Trib:

SDG&E's fire plan would cut service [San Diego Union Tribune]