Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rate hikes, social positions putting PG&E behind the 8 ball?

PG&E's decision last week to crank up rates now in return for maybe not doing so in January hasn't scored the utility any public relations points, but at least it has built up lots of goodwill with its warm and fuzzy social positions right? Apparenty not.

Back in July we told you about how PG&E was contributing big to an effort to derail a ballot initiative seeking to make gay marriage illegal. Well lurking in my news aggregator from Friday is a gem from the Bakersfield Californian-- there is a grassroots move afoot to torpedo PG&E's retail natural gas business in retaliation against the company's stand against what its critics are calling "traditional marriage."

Not only have critics sought out an alternate company to supply homes in PG&E service area with natural gas, they have set up a web site with instructions on how to make the switch.

First a rate increase, then an incensed social backlash, PG&E is catching it from all sides.