Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freeman: Put Humans on the Endangered Species List

At the risk of beating Props 7 & 10 to death, I would point you to David Baker's article in today's San Francisco Chronicle. He piles on with the rest of the world, pointing out the flaws in these two measures.

The piece reinforces what we already know-- that both are designed to sound like environmentally friendly plans for alternative energy development, but both include a lot of "fine print" that should be required reading.

According to Baker, the measurs "have left a sour taste in the mouths of many environmentalists, consumer advocates and utility executives."

That's more or less everyone.

In addition to being yet another good primer on 7 &10, the article comtains this gem from the venerable S. David Freeman:

"We've got to develop a sense of urgency... We're at the stage where I think the human race should be added to the Endangered Species Act."

With hype like that, it must be election season...