Monday, September 15, 2008

Tehachapi Transmission Project Running Into Local Opposition

The knock on alternative energy generation projects has always been that, while you may be able to generate power, you still need to transmit it and, usually, that is not an easy or cheap process.

Exhibit A: The $2 billion Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project. The power is generated in the middle of nowhere by windmills. The transmission lines were going to run smack dab through Chino Hills, past 1,500 homes until the City sued Southern California Edison saying that new lines were ugly, they devalued nearby homes, and thier electromagnetic fields posed a health threat.

The City says it could re-route the transmission lines throught parkland for $50 million of Southen California Edison's dollars, but the utility begs to differ, SCE says that estimate is about $100 million light.

The City calls its proposal the "21st Centuty Green Partnership". "Elements of the city proposal include construction of a wildlife crossing under Highway 71 from the park into the Prado Basin, habitat restoration, removal of about 14 miles of active and inactive high-voltage power lines from the state park, and moving lines and towers away from ridgelines and other prominent areas to improve the public's view."

Everything is on hold pending a hearing in Spring or Summer.

Energy path fight [Inland Valley Daily Bulletin]