Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Considering 7 & 10

Renewable Energy World digs into Props 7 & 10 and notes that "With support for renewable energy and clean transportation at an all-time high, the initiatives on the ballot this year seem like shoo-in. But as concerns grow over their potentially negative impact on the state's market, the choices for Californians won't be easy."

On Prop 7, REW quotes backers as saying the measure would create a "renaissance" in California, and detractors pointing to sloppy language in the measure's drafting that makes certain key points ambiguous at best.

As for Prop 10, opponents continue to paint it as a big pay-day for the natural gas industry, but Todd Campbell of Clean Energy Fuels calls the measure, "a Manhattan Project for a whole host of high-efficiency and low-carbon cleanalternative fuels". Clean Energy Fuels' most prominient Board Member is T. Boone Pickens, who many argue stands to win big through investments made by his hedge fund, BP Capital.