Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Opening the Floodgates-- SSJID (Part 2!)

The South San Joaquin Irrigation District might be too flush with cash...

We posted yesterday about how the SSJID coffers were full and that how that might impact the takeover fight with PG&E, but it appears like there might be too much cash on the books.

To protect that from being raided by the State, the District is embarking on new solar, and hydroelectric projects under the theory that it is better to put the money into energy producing assets than to become a slush fund for cash-starved California.

Another thing the District has more of than it needs is water. According to the Manteca Bulletin, the District might begin selling excess water to other parts of the thirsty state.

With all that money and water, it's hard to believe the SSJID is actually part of California!