Friday, June 20, 2008

Richmond Flip-Flops on Crude Cap for Chevron

A couple of weeks ago the Richmond Planning Commission certified Chevron's EIR on its proposed refinery expansion, but also slapped a "Comprehensive Crude Cap" on the facility, designed to significantly limit the amount of heavy crude that it could process.

The environmental community which is strongly opposed to the expansion, hailed the move as an important battle won within the larger war against the refinery.

Who knew the Richmond Planning Commission had instant replay?

Yesterday, the Commission reversed its decision after a City consultant testified that the restriction was not necessary because curbs on heavy crude were already in place. Commissioner Charles Duncan was the lone dissenter.

Communities for a Better Environment has already promised to appeal the reversal at the City Council levle. The City Council is expected to take up the refinery expansion issue later this summer.

Ruling Reversed for Chevron [San Francisco Chronicle]