Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home Grown Power?

Here's a bill the utilities are going to hate: AB 2112.
Assembly Member Lori Saldana (D-San Diego) has put forth the bill which requires all new homes built in California to be completely energy self-sufficient, through the use of solar panels, wind power or some other form of renewable energy. The requirement would take effect in 12 years.

Given that this legislation would essentially make individual homes self-contained generating facilities and that it would basically spell the beginning of the end for the grid and for utilities in general, you can bet there will be strong opposition.

According to a report in the North County Times: "The bill is supported by environmental groups. It is opposed by the building industry, business groups, contractors, engineers and manufacturers, and local Republican lawmakers."

Next up for the bill is a June 17 hearing in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.