Friday, January 25, 2008

Solar Drowning In Red Tape

As if solar didn't have enough of its own challenges, we get this from the LA Times:

Despite state goals to encourage alternative energy, no application to build a large solar power plant in California has been approved in 18 years, and new projects could face significant delays in the bureaucracy, the state auditor said Thursday.

The auditor said actions by the state and a changing energy market appear to have spurred new interest in solar power plants in California, but she warned that red tape may end up slowing future projects.

More than 50 applications have been filed with the federal Bureau of Land Management for large solar plants, those that would produce more than 50 megawatts, but no application for such a facility has been approved by the state since 1990. Two applications for large projects are being processed, and eight more are expected this year, said Terry O'Brien, a deputy director for the California Energy Commission.