Friday, January 18, 2008

Safeway's Green Image Keeps On Trucking....

Pleasonton-based Safeway has been riding the good-PR wave ever since it announced its intention to go green in a big way. While the company simply can't buy the good publicity that its recent announcement about switching its truck fleet to biofuel generated, many are questioning just how beneficial the move actualy is?

According to the San Francisco Business Times:

But the jury is still out on biofuels' effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions because of the amount of energy that goes into growing crops that will be converted into biofuels. Plus, one only need walk the aisles of Safeway store to see their rising costs of a broad range of products because the biofuel industry is competing with food companies for corn and other crops. The European Union is considering a ban on certain biofuel imports that don't meet "a minimum level of greenhouse gas savings."

The company claims that the move will reduce 75 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually and if they are even half right, that plus the good press makes this a great deal.