Friday, August 03, 2007

Low Carbon Fuel Standard is Doable (supposedly).

Professors Dan Sperling (UC Davis) and Alex Farrell (UC Berkeley) have come out with Part II of their report on the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

According to Sperling and Farrell, it will go down like this:

- Smaller carbon intensity reductions in early years; larger ones in later years. This will take advantage of techologicall innovations that will hit the marketplace.

- Fueling infrastructure will evolve to include E85 filling stations for the ethanol blend, dedicated electric vehicle charging stations and meters in residences, and hydrogen delivery systems

- Petrofuel providers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by blending more biofuel with gasoline and diesel; buying low-carbon fuels and emissions credits from other producers; making refineries more efficient, and using lower carbon sources of energy to run refineries.

For all of the details of what sounds like a series of best case scenarios, Environmental News Service has a detailed write-up.