Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rudy’s Moonshot Energy Plan.

GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani outlined the broad strokes of his energy policy at a stop in San Francisco.

After making the requisite political pledge to support ethanol (it’s a rule, all presidential candidates, regardless of party affiliation, must worship at the altar of Archer Daniels Midland), Rudy went a step further and proposed a massive, government-funded alternative energy system.

Comparing the development of alternative energy sources to “putting a man on the moon,” Rudy said that "The government has to organize a program like the government organized putting a man on the moon," he said. "We do it by supporting everything. … This is not just a private enterprise."

Even in San Francisco, this more than likely left a few Republicans scratching their heads, so Rudy quickly retreated to safer ground, couching his policy as a part of the global war on terror (“… [development of alternative energy sources would] defuse dramatically the reach and the power of Islamic terrorism”), and advocating new offshore oil drilling.

Just another day on the hustings…

Giuliani Says His Energy Plan Would Aid Planet, Fight Terror [New York Sun]