Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To Nuke or Not to Nuke?

Green Wombat reports that the CEC is on a collision course with Assemblyman Chuck DeVore’s nascent ballot initiative that seeks to lift the moratorium on new nuclear power in California.

In a draft report, the CEC concludes that nuclear isn’t likely any time soon and that it isn’t even that “green” of an option because it threatens marine life with water discharge from cooling processes and it sucks money away from other alternative energy options. However, the CEC is artfully hedging its bet with this conclusion:

"Ultimately, this debate over whether nuclear power should be part of a greenhouse gas reduction strategy is constrained by our limited knowledge of what other resources will be available," they state. "Consequently, the best path right now may to pursue all options and defer decisions until more is

No New Nukes for California [Green Wombat]
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