Monday, July 09, 2007

But It Sounded So Good In The Press Release...

From the San Jose Mercury News, this is rich:

"During the past two years, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration sunk more than $17 million into a state fleet of cars and trucks designed to be environmentally friendly.

So far, the 1,138 "flex-fuel" vehicles have traveled a collective 10 million miles and burned more than 413,202 gallons of gas.

But not one drop has been high-grade ethanol - the fuel that promised to turn the passenger fleet into clean driving machines.

That's because the vehicles have no access to ethanol pumping stations. There was none when the Chevrolet Impala sedans and Silverado trucks were purchased and none is scheduled to open until December 2009. That's four years after the vehicles first hit the road.

Even worse, the flex-fuel vehicles are actually chugging out more smog and greenhouse gases than many vehicles in the state's old fleet - as much as 2,000 extra tons annually.

As a result, energy experts question whether the administration's zest to "look green" has come at the expense of real environmental progress.

If they're right, Schwarzenegger's office isn't the first to bungle with alternative fuel. The latest purchases are the state's fifth attempt in two decades to shift the vehicles its employees use on the job to cleaner fuel.

The failed moves have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in construction costs and staff time."

You can read the entire thing at:

Green facade: Why the state's eco-friendly cars aren't doing the job [San Jose Mercury News]