Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"He signed ya Bill... now you're a law!!!!"

Just two days after the San Francisco Chronicle revealed what a mess the state's transition to renewable energy is, today the Governor will sign-- with great fanfare-- AB 32 which officially kicks off California's effort to cap greenhouse gas emissions through increased reliance on renewable energy. Buried in the bill-signing ceremony is another piece of legislation-- SB 1368-- which bans the purchase of electricity from coal-fired plants within or without California. The bill also prohibits utilities form investing such plants.

The CMTA leads a chorus of detractors who hate both bills because of the negative impact they will allegedly have on business.

One interesting effect of SB 1368 is that it clears the way for the permit and construction of the Frontier transmission line which has been held up by environmentalists who feared that California planned to purchase lots of coal-fired electricty from Wyoming. 1368 pretty much makes that a moot point.

Schwarzenegger to sign bill against coal-fired power Wednesday [Dow Jones]