Monday, August 03, 2009

Will Waxman Markey Less Dependent on Foreign Oil?

Kathleen Parker's column in Sunday's Washington Post seeks to bludgeon the notion that Waxman-Markey bill, dubbed the "American Clean Energy and Security Act," makes us more secure.

In fact, Parker argues that the bill makes us, if anything, more dependent on foreign oil: "The more we cap our carbon, the happier the Saudis are."

Parker is not exactly a reactionary conservative on this issue. She describes herself as "a Prius-driving, pro-seal, recycling, organic vegetarian" who is "heavily tilted toward saving the planet."

Her basic thesis is twofold: that the bill only addresses stationary sources, not mobil (i.e., transportation), and that the carbon taxes it envisions under a cap and trade scheme make domestic production way, way too expensive.

It's a compelling argument and worth a read...

A Crude Reality About Energy Independence [Washington Post]