Friday, July 24, 2009

Smart Grid Is Back In the News

Lost recently amid all of the other potential roadblocks to meeting the lofty renewable goals set by California and the President, is an old, familiar problem that hasn't gotten a lot of attention recently-- the aging, decrepit grid can't handle that kind of load. A new SmartGrid is required.

In testimony before Congress yesterday, SCE's Vice President for Advanced Technology, Paul De Martini, rather bluntly reminded legislators that the renewable energy goals being bandied about are well and good, but until we invest big time in the grid, it's a moot point.

According to Reuters:

"The Obama administration has called for doubling the amount of U.S. electricity produced by renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, during the next three years to reduce greenhouse emissions that cause global warming.

However, a so-called "smart" grid will be needed to transmit those power supplies from where they are generated in remote areas to consumers and businesses in cities.

"The electricity infrastructure delivering power from a variety of generating sources to our homes, businesses and communities is not suitable for today's needs," said Paul De Martini, SCE's vice president for advanced technology.

"The challenges that face our nation's energy future simply cannot be met by our aging electric grid," Martini said at a House Science subcommittee hearing on how to update the grid."