Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where The Green Jobs Are

Ask anyone in California to enumerate the differences between northern and southern California and you are likely to get two very distinct profiles.
Rightly or wrongly, NorCal has a more progressive political reputation and nowhwere is that more manifest than in environmental issues. So it would stand to reason that northern California would be the cradle of the state's new green energy economy, right?


According to a new "Green Economy Map" of California, it is southern California where the green economy has taken root and where it is likely to grow and prosper.
According to a Reuters report:

"Los Angeles County has more businesses than any other county in California that stand to benefit from the state's leadership on climate change, according to a first-of-its-kind map of green businesses in California.

The map was released in conjunction with a report outlining how the Los Angeles area can leverage its environmental leadership to create economic opportunities.

The California Green Economy map features more than 2,200 businesses statewide in four categories-energy generation, energy efficiency, green building and transportation-that are likely to grow as California transitions to a low-carbon economy. "

In fact, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counites top the charts in the study. For full disclosure it should be noted that the map was released as part of a report on L.A.'s "greenprint," and one indisputable truth of "studies" in general is that data is fungible, but the findings are nevertheless, notable.