Friday, June 05, 2009

Ted Craver for President!

Edison CEO Ted Craver is wasting his talents in the private sector-- he should be in politics! In an interview with Reuters, Craver demonstrated and Obama-like ability to hedge his comments, take both sides of the same issue, and use consumers as a human shield for his true agenda.

On the subject of renewable energy, he noted that consumers are willing to pay more for clean energy (i.e., we're all in this together, let's save the planet) BUT we can't hit consumers over the head with huge price spikes so we need time to phase in renewables gradually (i.e., don't make me actually bet the ranch on renewables...).

Mirroring this hedged position, Reuters notes that the Edison corporate structure consists of two primary operational entities-- Southern California Edison, which is the largest purchaser of renewable energy in the country, and Edison Mission Group which generates most of its power from buring coal.

Telling Reuters that in a "carbon constrained world" utilities will need to "adapt or die," Craver signals a willingness to take the plunge, albeit very slowly.