Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lots going on in Cal-Energy world today:

There are multiple reports about one of the the unintended consequences of the solar boom: toxic waste. It seems that people are starting to wise up to the fact that fossile fuels used to create and transport solar panels are problematic... and the toxic material used to make the panels will be even more problematic once the panels have outlived their usefulness and are discarded.

The Los Angeles Times, among others, has that story:

Power plants along California's coast that kill "billions of fish" will no longer be cool under the Obama administration.... the San Francisco Chronicle has that story:

And, the looming natural gas shortage that we thought made the LNG plant off the coast in Ventura County such a good idea? Well, a new report says that never happened-- oops, our bad. But, we still have nothing but contempt for wealthy, NIMBY movie stars who wrap their own personal comforts and privileges in the cloak of environmentalism. The Venutra Star has the story about the report on natural gas surpluses....