Friday, August 22, 2008

Wireless Electicity Transmission

There was a time when my grandmother wouldn't stand near the microwave or cross the path of the TV remote because she was convinced both emitted harmful-- actually potentially lethal-- raditaion, rays, energy, whatever... I can only imagine how much this would freak her out:

Intel is inching closer to commercially viable wireless electricity transfer. Using technology refined at MIT, the company demonstrated its ability to power a 60 watt light bulb from three feet away, with 75% energy efficiency. MIT researchers had illiumimated a bulb from 7 feet away at 40% efficiency.

The San Francisco Chronicle has the AP write up and describes the basic idea behind the technology thusly:
"Wireless transmission of electricity makes use of some basic physics. Electric coils that resonate at the same frequency can transmit energy to each other at a distance."

While the concept is now proven, its commercially viable implementation is still pretty far off. However, once its ready, homes and businesses will be able to install a transmitter and receivers similar to WiFi that will allow appliances to constantly charge.

Intel demonstrates wireless power charging [AP via San Francisco Chronicle]