Monday, July 21, 2008

Putting Manteca On The Map

Citing a sucesssful takeover of PG&E's distribution system a critical part of the city of Manteca's commercial renaissance, Manteca Mayor Willie Weatherford and South San Joaquin Irrigation District officials dedicated the SSJID's new, 1 MW, $7.9 million solar farm on Friday.

According to the Manteca Bulletin:

"The 6,740 solar panels installed by SunTechnics effectively track the sun from the time it rises in the east over the range of Light and settles in the west. During that time, SSJID is sending excess power to the PG&E grid with its meters literally running backwards. Then at night -when demand is at its lowest - SSJID buys power from PG&E. But in the end, the power "sold" to PG&E nearly cancels out the power bought."

The solar array is the secon-largest "specific-use" solar solar farms in the state, and the Stockton Record reports that the farm will reduce electricity costs at the water treatment plant it serves are projected to come down by $400,000 annually.

Not content to stop there, the SSJID is now considering building wind power and a methane powered generation plant to make the facility completely independent of PG&E.

$$JID: Let the $un $hine [Manteca Bulletin}