Wednesday, July 16, 2008

33,000 Solar Panels in 45 Days

Calling it the "largest solar panel installation in the world," over the next 45 days, SoCalEd will put up 33,000 solar panels on 150 commerical rooftops covering two square miles. It's on y'all!!!

The project will generate 2 million watts-- enough to power 1,300 homes.

In its press release, SCE touted the benefits of the massive undertaking:

"SCE sees numerous benefits to customers, the region and the state from its solar project. The program will provide a new generation source to areas where customer demand is rising. The solar modules will be connected directly to the nearest neighborhood circuit, eliminating the costly, time-consuming step of building new transmission lines to bring power to customers. The output of solar panels closely matches peak customer demand — lower in the morning and evening, higher in the afternoon.

SCE anticipates the project will create new jobs in Southern California in the solar industry. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, one of SCE’s project partners, is supporting the project though the expansion of its solar apprentice training program.

SCE’s massive solar project also is designed to supplement several California environmental programs, especially the Million Solar Roofs program that provides incentives to encourage Californians to install solar projects by 2017. The solar program supports the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act, which requires the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, as well as complementing California’s renewable portfolio standard, the goal that 20 percent of the state’s electricity be generated with renewable energy. "