Monday, March 17, 2008

Geothermal Grants in California

Almost 5% of California's electricity is from geothermal, but the CEC wants to see that numer grow.

This week, the Commission is reviewing applications for almost $6 million in grants to develop more geothermal energy in the state.

Geothermal seems like a no-brainer until you really drill down (pun intented) it... it seems that earthquakes are a nasty side effect of drilling geothermal mines in delicate seismic regions. San Francisco City Environmental Director Jared Blumenthal has said a typical technique that entails drilling 2-3 miles down has already been shelved for that very reason (San Francisco is teaming up with Sacramento and a private company for one of the goethermal grants).

Agencies looking to develop power from within the Earth []