Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Green For Green; No LNG for LB

If you were one of those people who derided AB32 as an unfunded mandate and a PR stunt... you might have been right. The San Francisco Chronicle reports what we all already knew-- ther is no money to pay for it.

Arnold has a plan to keep the green energy mandate alive through the next fiscal year by "borrowing" $32 million from the state's bottle and can recycling revenues. Some heavyweights in the legislature say that's a bad idea (to put it mildly).

Stay tuned.

In other news, FERC officially pulled the plug on its review of Sound Energy Solutions' LNG plans for Long Beach Harbor. SES is suing the City of Long Beach over the whole fiasco and has a date in court in March.

State scrambles to fund global warming fight [San Francisco Chronicle]

FERC suspends SES LNG terminal review [Emerging Energy News]