Monday, January 07, 2008

A Conservative Screed Against the Energy Bill

American Policy Center prexy Tom DeWeese weighs in with a bitter commentary against our (lack of) an energy policy.

DeWeese sort of tiptoes on the lunatic fringe in more than a few areas of his commentary (I don't really believe that municipalities are intentionally allowing roads to go to pot in order to force people to ride public transporation (much of which uses the same crappy roads)-- I just think municipalities are broke and incompetent), however, his fundeamental thesis is undeniable-- special interest influence in Washington cuts both ways: environmental and industrial agendas both are to blame for the current mess we are in.

Ethanol is undeniably a corporate boondoggle, but raising vehicle mileage standards is probably a reasonable first stab at reducing our dependence on foreign oil before we start ripping up ANWR and the ocean floor. Even George Bush routinely prattles on about the need to invest in new technology that will use energy more efficiently.

DeWeese points out the inherent challenges and shortcomings with alternative energy sources like wind and solar, but those have been discussed to death and are hardly news.

An easy conclusion to draw from all of this is that there is zero chance of ever achieving a real national energy strategy as long as special interests from both sides of the the aisle are plying their trades in the halls of Congress.

Have fun with this column by DeWeese... read it, enjoy it, or line your bird cage with it.