Monday, December 17, 2007

PG&E Wants More Nuclear Plants

Today's Sac Bee has a Q&A interview with PG&E honcho Peter Darbee. He's shilling for nuclear power and playing the environmental card hard...

The highlight of the interview comes at the end when he gives a virtuouso performance: invoking the marvels of French industrousness and pandering without answering the question or addressing the issue of what to do with spent fuel rods:

Q: Is the uncertainty over nuclear waste and the opening of a repository in Nevada an impediment?

A: I think America should pursue all opportunities with respect to spent fuel reprocessing. The French have done that. I believe in the world we live in today, there is the ability to provide substantial safeguards around the reprocessing of nuclear fuel.

When one considers the risk of fuel getting in the wrong hands from reprocessing in the United States, I think it's relatively small when compared to the chance of nuclear products getting in the hands of inappropriate people from other sources.