Tuesday, June 19, 2007

San Francisco Dumping PG&E.

From Indymedia:

"In a surprisingly unheralded decision made just blocks away from corporate headquarters of the state's largest for-profit, investor-owned utility (PG&E), the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to organize a local customer base, leave the big utility, and begin to significantly "green" California's energy production locally. The Board’s June 12th vote was the “first reading” of the ordinances; a final vote is expected at the next meeting, June 19.

The Board voted 9-2 on ordinances researched and advanced for more than two years by San Francisco Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Ross Mirkarimi, making San Francisco a leader among dozens of California cities and counties that have formally expressed interest in or are actively working to become Community Choice energy Aggregators (CCAs). As Community Choice Energy gains momentum, and communities like San Francisco succeed in assuming local control of energy production, they can green the state, help avert climate change, and ensure both local energy security and reliably low energy costs for ratepayers. The San Francisco Board's decision this week, with its veto-proof 9-2 majority, demonstrates that local governments are taking the lead to ensure a clean, safe environment and affordable energy."

SF Supes Vote to Leave PG&E [Indybay.org]