Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arnold, What Have You Done For Us Lately?

John Krist of the Ventura County Star takes Arnold to task for talking tough on global warming but doing nothing to reduce California's reliance on carbon-based energy:

"It is unclear how California can increase its reliance on imported, carbon-based energy and simultaneously reduce the emission of carbon dioxide associated with it. Apparently, the state's climate-action governor is hoping someone else will resolve that paradox."

There's nothing inherently wrong with making a complaint cloaked as a question, but it's not productive to do so without offering a solution.

Krist completely ducks the lack of a feasible alternative to carbon-based energy. The fact is, things like solar and wind power are expensive and require a lot of infrastructure that doesn't exist right now and the law prohibits new nuclear power-- so what's the answer?

Krist points out correctly that state regulatory agencies are using California's legislated green mandate to expand their otherwise narrow authority and that will only continue to limit our energy options.

In the end, Krist is right-- the green mandate in California does conflict with the energy needs of the state. It is a paradox that neither Arnold nor anyone else is going to be able to solve any time soon.

Krist: An energy-policy paradox [Ventura County Star]