Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Media Might Be On To Something...

Bay Area ABC affiliate KGO broke some serious news yesterday: California’s green energy mandate is going to constrict supply in the coming years. Wow… never saw that coming.

Not since Claude Raines uttered his famous line, “I’m shocked to find there is gambling going on here!” in the movie Casablanca, has there been a bigger, more disingenuous “duh” packaged for public consumption.

Or could it be that the media gatekeepers have truly been asleep at the switch and are finally waking up to the fact that the green mandate in California, while arguably well-intentioned and politically prudent, is fraught with problems?

To quote KGO, “But in summers after this one, supplying enough electricity might be a challenge because of new laws to fight global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The piece mentions underground CO2 storage as an option that leads us back to coal-generated power and it acknowledges that, due to the need for lots of new, expensive transmission capacity, alternative energy solutions have more than a few problems of their own.

Ready... fire… AIM!

What's The Price Of Being Green? [KGO ABC 7]