Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Environmental Mandates Grab Healines Without Sweating the Details.

A group of engineers, economists, and environmentalists from the University of California is set to release a report next week on how to implement Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Nobody is quite sure how this is going to work, as the LCFS which seeks to create by Executive Order a competitive market for alternative vehicle fuels is more a concept than an actual plan at this point.

But according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the initiative will displace one-fifth of California’s gasoline consumption with lower carbon fueld sn put more than 70-million alternative or hybrid vehicles on the road. The LCFS requires a 10% reduction in carbon from vehicle fuels by 2010.

Under the program producers can either develop and sell low carbon fuels or purchase credits from other suppliers.

State Wants To Spur Gas Alternatives [KPBS]