Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fallout From the Malibu LNG Protest.

Even the Brits are mocking us.

If sound science and demonstrated need won't quell the celebrity insurrection in Malibu, maybe a little ego bashing will? Wishful thinking, I know.

From the UK's Hecklerspray.com:

Thanks to its prime location in quite a nice place in the world, more exciting celebrity news happens in Malibu than, say, Wiltshire. When Mel Gibson got drunk and slagged off all the [EXPLETIVE DELETED], it happened in Malibu. When Britney Spears temporarily decided to go Hindu, she did it in Malibu. When, um, Shannen Doherty crashed her car, she did it Malibu. See? That's literally three things that have happened in Malibu. And they've all been topped by this.

Every Single Malibu Celebrity In Massive Gas Strop [Hecklerspray.com]