Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cabrillo Port poses no threat to Land

The proposed offshore liquefied natural gas terminal in Ventura County has one advantage Long Beach's never will... Being offshore, it poses no threat to land, accourding to a recent report.

A liquefied natural gas terminal off Ventura County's shore would not pose a danger to Oxnard or other communities, but an accident or attack could reach into fishing areas and shipping lanes, according to a report released Monday by the California State Lands Commission.

The 2,528-page environmental impact study asserts the chance of accidents would be small because of the project's many safety features. But in a worst-case situation — like an intentional attack — a vapor fire could affect an area about 7.3 miles away. That would still be about 6.6 miles from the nearest shore. Boats in the shipping lane would not face a risk for about 30 minutes, meaning there could be time for a warning.