Thursday, February 23, 2006

Terrorism no threat to offshore LNG Port

With all the hubbub over the Dubai Ports World controversey, some folks are looking to the political fracas over LNG to make sense of opponents cries.

Whether or not Dubai Ports World operates facilities in the United States, it will continue to operate ports in Singapore, the Middle East and elsewhere around the globe. If someone is going to sneak a nuclear weapon into the United States, will they try to sneak it out of New York or perhaps a port somewhere else in the world?!?

To object to the sale of the port operations in the United States on the “terrorism” canard is alot like the homeowners in Oxnard who object to building a liquefied natural gas terminal offshort because, god forbid, what if terrorists hijacked an LNG tanker…?!? I’d bet that they won’t be bringing it to an unloading terminal.

Makes perfect sense when you think about it.